Procedure to follow if your funding application is approved

  1. If you have received a letter from the CCP stating that your application has been approved, sign the CCP’s funding agreement. The agreement will be between you and the CCP, not between your lawyer and the CCP.
  2. Return the funding agreement by email to the Legal Counsel responsible for your file or by mail to: 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1507 Ottawa ON K1N 7B7
  3. Make sure to comply with the various terms and conditions of the agreement, otherwise you may lose your funding.
  4. Submit eligible expenses to the CCP. The CCP may reimburse any eligible expenses incurred starting from the date of receipt of the application, unless prior undertakings for the same file are not respected.
  5. Follow the CCP funding guidelines.
  6. Submit progress reports as outlined in the agreement.
  7. When your case is completed, submit the final activity report and the final financial report to the CCP by email.

CCP funding guidelines

The funding guidelines explain in detail the terms and conditions outlined in the funding agreement signed between the recipient and the CCP.

Forms and reports to submit

Application Forms