The CCP accepts applications for funding from persons wishing to appear before the courts to obtain a legal decision. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and follow the steps in applying for funding.

Litigation includes trials and appeals. The following maximum amounts may be granted to applicants depending on the remedy sought:

  1. trials: $200,000
  2. motion for leave to appeal: $10,000
  3. appeal: $50,000.

The maximum amounts provided for litigation and legal interventions are applied separately to each level of judicial proceedings. Accordingly, separate applications for funding must be presented at each judicial level.

Accessibility Funding

Accessibility funding up to $5,000 may be granted to ensure equal access to Program-funded activities by the Applicant or others retained or invited by the Applicant to participate in the case or project.

Applicants are encouraged to consider applying for accessibility funding, which can cover, for example: interpretation or translation, production of documents in alternate media, travel costs for an attendant, and child care costs.

Requests for accessibility funding must be in writing and must include: 1) a detailed explanation for the request, and 2) a projected budget for the accessibility funding amount requested. The decision-making Panel has the sole discretion to determine whether circumstances exist that justify accessibility funding and the amount of accessibility funding.